Admission information

Admission Procedure:

Subject to availability of seats, students seeking admission into different levels must meet the minimum educational requirements, go through an admission test, obtain admission form from the admin office, complete admission formalities and pay all required fees before getting final admission.

Parents and authorized guardians shall sign an undertaking certificate to the effect that their children/wards shall abide by the rules and regulations of East-West International School & College in force or to be framed or incorporated by the school authority from time to time. The final selection for admission will be based on students’ previous school records, marks obtained in admission test and their suitability judged by the admission committee. No admission test, however, is necessary for admission in Play Group and Nursery classes. The students willing to be admitted in Play Group, Nursery, KG and all other classes are required to ensure their fresh admission from 01 October onward for the next academic session. But afterwards, admission remains open from May to July as academic session covers from July to June.

Collection of Admission Form:

Admission forms for all classes are available in the school office on all working days. Students seeking admission shall apply in the prescribed form duly filled up along with transfer-certificate, previous school-report, marks-sheet, receipt-book and three copies stamp size photographs.

School Fees:

The students or their respective guardians should pay their tuition & other fees in local currency. School fees vary from class to class. Students who want to leave school after half term have to pay the full term fees. If they leave earlier, half terms fees will be charged. Guardians are earnestly requested to intimate the school authority in advance if they like to withdraw their children for the convenience of the school authority.

Scholarship / Financial Assistance:

Financial concession in the form of full/half tuition waiver will be given to meritorious but financially handicapped students on the basis of class performance and year-wise results of the final examination.

Payment of Fees:

A special booth has been arranged with Premier Bank, Rokeya Sarani Branch for the payment of students tuition fees and others charges. Fees are to be paid within 15th day of the current month. Payment of the fees after due date will require prior approval from the school authority.

Fines for the late payment of school fees are as follows:

Fees paid within the calendar month Tk. 50/-

Fees paid in the next calendar month Tk. 100/-

After two months non-payment of fees, the student’s name will be deleted from the school’s Admission Register Book. Under these circumstances re-admission is required subject to availability of space.

Age Limit for Admission in Different Classes:

Students must wear school uniform when they are in the school campus and as and when directed by school authority. School dress should be collected from the school office/store on payment basis. School dress/uniform for boys and girls will be as follows:

For Boys:

Classes Age/years
Play Group 3 – 4
Nursery 4 – 5
K.G I 5 – 6
KG II 6 – 7
Std-I 7 – 8
Std-II 8 – 9
Std-III 9 – 10
Std-IV 10 – 11
Std-V 11 – 12
StdVI 12 – 13
StdVII 13 – 14
Std-VIII 14 – 15
Std-IX – “O” Level 15 and above

For Girls:

Shoes: Oxford black shoes (Bata) with white shocks.

Students are obliged to dress up in proper uniform during the school hours. School uniform may be ordered in the school administrative office and it must be made as per the sample approved by the school authority.

Class Timing for Morning & Day shift:

At present East-West International School & College has both morning and day shift for the students of play group & nursery and only one shift for the students of K.G I to O’level. Timings for different shifts and classes are appended below:

Play group and Nursery (Morning Shift): 08.30 a.m to 10.30 a.m

Play group and Nursery (Day Shift): 11.00 a.m to 01.00 p.m

Kindergarten (K.G I & K.G II): 8.30 a.m to 12.10 p.m

Standard I to O’level: 08.30 a.m to 01.30 p.m