About Us

The mission of East-West International School & College, as a high-quality English Medium Institute, is to develop the students through appropriate and quality education and guidance for creative knowledge to prosecute higher studies maintaining an easy contact and relation with the world outside. It aims at achieving the following goals and its curriculum and syllabi have also been designed and formulated accordingly:


1. Our humble attempt and indefatigable effort is to provide an education that will serve the needs of life, society, and humanity. This is to be achieved in keeping with the up-to-date educational curriculum followed by the renowned English medium schools under the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) London; so that our students will be accomplished and useful citizens of the country as well as the world.


2. East-West International School and College are rich enough to convey a student’s self-orientation Training to create a state of mind but it accepts the materialist environment created by technology and industry-dominated society. Besides, the school aims to ensure the internal development of the students and save them from being dehumanized by an overdose of technology. The students are ushered towards achieving harmony with nature and environment and natural impulses of love, compassion, and reverence.


3. Think globally, act locally is the motto of East-West International School & College. It leads us to the pragmatic vision to attain multifarious self-sufficiency in the world of knowledge. The overwhelming feeling in us is that the world is really becoming smaller with every passing day as we step into the 21st century and men are becoming world citizens in a true sense. We are very much aware of the realization that our future generations must be qualified, and knowledge of various currents and crosscurrents of the economic, technological, cultural, and political arenas is a must. Therefore, students must be groomed in such a way that, their potentialities for comprehension, communication, and competition are developed to the fullest capacity to handle the complexities of the world in the 21st century. The capacity for understanding and tolerance of other cultures, communities, and nations while upholding our own values is of prime necessity in the present world. The aim should be to strike a balance between nationalism and internationalism. The imperative necessity of maintaining our inter-relieved existence with other nations of the world in harmony is inevitably coming upon us: and so, training is required for facing those challenges. The endeavor of East-West International School & College is to impart that training. The students of this institution will also be familiar with the importance of nature around us and the environment posing a threat to our planet with the problem of its ever-growing population.


4. East-West International School & College is not contented with imparting the knowledge that is stereotyped and langsyne. Now English Medium School is worth its name that does not expand the frontiers of knowledge through sustained educational research. With the expansion of the school, we intend to gradually lay emphasis on research activities by both teachers and students. Further, there are seminars, symposiums, and workshops arranged to develop the latent faculties of the students.


5. The prime aim of East-West International School & College is to ensure quality education that will be disseminated through the best teachers trained at home and abroad, and we try to provide the education at a cost that our students can afford.


6. The struggle for existence is getting tougher and tougher every day. This is the time of competition in every sphere of life. That is why this institution educates the students about this challenging society in which they must live and provides them with adequate knowledge and power to change society. Since we believe in free and liberal education, the students of East-West International School & College long to pursue higher studies in foreign countries like the U.K., U.S.A, Canada, and Australia under their own management after passing ‘ O’ and ‘ A’ Level examinations from this institution. The school authority is ready to extend all assistance in establishing contact with the foreign authorities concerned.


Teaching Method

Since it is well known to the staff of East-West International School & College that childhood is the most impressionable stage and anything good or bad taught to the children makes an indelible mark on their mind, East-West International School & College discards traditional system and introduces systematic and careful intensive Child Psycho-Therapy Development Program (CPTDP) that is bearing the sign of sincere efforts to overcome all sorts of disappointing atmosphere.


The young and innocent kids like other social beings are growing up and are not enjoying the same social benefits and rights as others in this mass complicated world. Parents are busy, and most of the time they are unable to share filial feelings with their children. The well-trained highly educated and dedicated teaching staff of East-West International School & College yield parental love to the young as the equal of parents. They also help them cultivate and enhance all human qualities.


The prime aim of the teachers is to give baby learners a preschool experience with a view to making them inclined to school life and feel it as their second home. At this stage, the teacher plays the role of multiple personalities. When the young learners feel home-sickness, the teachers play the role of parents. When they are in a good mood, the teachers become their playmates. When they become restless and impatient, the teachers play the role of babysitter. Classes from Play Group to KG-II are conducted by very resourceful and skilled teachers who take up the total responsibilities of the students including their day-to-day lesson preparations in the school. This will certainly relieve the parents from engaging private tutors.


From Standard I upward a very comprehensive teaching plan is made and strictly followed by qualified teachers. At the beginning of a new academic year, subject-wise syllabuses and schemes for students are prepared beforehand. The syllabuses are divided into several quarters according to the round-the-year exam program. The teachers in accordance with the prepared lesson plans inculcate lessons to the students. Besides, regular class teaching, class tests, class work, and homework are carried out at regular intervals before each semester exam as well as the final semester exam.


Monitoring cell

Recently a Monitoring Cell has started functioning in full swing under the close supervision of the head of the cell. This cell monitors the overall activities of the teaching staff with respect to ensuring academic advancement as well as upholding general discipline. The head of the cell has been made responsible for looking into matters like the class performance of the teachers, checking the lesson plans, examining C.W & H.W copies, going through the diaries of the students, checking the examined answer scripts, overviewing question papers before making final and giving necessary suggestions for achieving the desired standard in all respects. The head of the cell plays the role of the counselor for the teachers so that they can overcome their drawbacks and lapses and can get themselves fully involved in the profession in the true sense of the term. Monitoring cell puts every effort with a view to maintaining a congenial atmosphere and establishing sound relations among the teachers themselves.