principal11A few words from the vice-principal:

East West International School & College as an English Medium School & College has been in a journey since 1995. We never like to run at the same spot. Now we are committed to change its motion upward. We are determined to bring about a radical change in everything. We cherish a dream of making our institution as one of the best of this kind. We firmly believe that our dream and challenge will come true very soon. For materializing our cherished dream we are leaving no stone unturned. We don’t like to remain satisfied with our present. We are fully prepared to struggle for the bright future.

The school authority is very much aware of imparting quality education to our students by deploying competent teaching staff. About extracurricular activities and other supporting facilities we are trying to provide our best. Our expectation is to shape our students in such a way so that they can hold an elegant position in their personal, social & national life. We like to see our students eminently established and that will be our only satisfaction. We are always working keeping with the giant task of building our students up to the mark.

The role of teachers, students and guardians is equally important for achieving the coveted goal. When the goal is achieved, the school authority, teachers, students, guardians-all will be the beneficiaries. Let’s do our best hand in hand like the members of the same family.

Finally, I would like to share the pleasure that a prospectus with new shape and ideas has been published. It will definitely help our guardians and students have a short but vivid pen-picture of our school & college.

M. Khalilur Rahman


East West International School & College