East-West International School & College is an ideal home of English medium    education. Now this institute is passing Nineteen years of its eventful and glorious  academic race. Since establishment we have been putting very careful step to elevate this institute up to a desired level. For achieving this goal overall efforts of the teaching and non teaching staff can never be ignored. By now we can assume that we have been able to overcome the post initial stage of EWIS&C successfully.

While preparing the academic curriculum of this institute, utmost care is taken to meet the needs of the students in respect of national and international relevance. EWIS&C is enjoying the opportunity of having a good collection of highly educated and experienced teaching and non teaching staff and the aim of maximizing the number of standard teaching staff is always underway.

EWIS&C has taken it as a challenge to reach the pinnacle of utmost standard in the race with the other institutions of this kind in the country. To fulfill this mission EWIS&C likes to play the role of the tortoise not of the hare. On the other hand, the management of EWIS&C never forgets to provide the students with the best academic feats, extracurricular activities, physical and moral teachings that will help the students to form up a full man in them in the time to come. Under this process EWIS&C wants to materialize the expectation of the guardians and the surrounding areas. We are very much hopeful of achieving our goal within the shortest possible time. Our all out efforts as well as the co-operation from all corners would work as sauce.

I personally express my gratitude and extend whole-hearted thanks to the teaching and non teaching staff, guardians and well wishers for joining the noble task of the EWIS&C.

MD. Aulad Hossain


East West International School & College.