The Cafeteria in the Middle and Senior Sections offer wholesome, delicious and hygienic food for students and staff alike. There is an area with comfortable seating arrangements where students are able to relax during their free time. Food in the Senior Section is prepared under very hygienic conditions under the supervision of management personnel who carry out regular inspections to ensure high standards.

Cafeteria services are also offered in our Middle Sections, maintaining the same standards across.


Student Records Department

Admin office keep all the records of the students and give the following services;

  • Collecting photographs, creating and distributing Student ID cards.
  • Changing/update students’ information in our records
  • Communicating with parents over Phone call.
  • Processing the School Leaving Forms (SLF) and issuing Transfer Certificates (TC), No objection Certificates (NOC)
  • Issuing Report Cards through respective class at the end of each Term.
  • Managing the academic records of all students

The main objective of this Department is to maintain student related information, i.e. personal and academic information about each student, electronically and securely. Such data is captured   in a well-designed software that ensures the smooth operation of the school. Such electronic information allows us to be responsive to the needs and demands of students and parents, and allows us to increase our efficiency in administration.

Security & Health

East west school & college takes safety and security very seriously. The school already has numerous policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of students.East west school & college is now taking extra steps to further enhance security, including tightening rules on visitors to campus, security checks during events, improving infrastructure such as metal detectors and setting up a committee to monitor security protocols regularly. We request all parents and students to cooperate with our staff to help maintain security and safety on campus at all time.

To enforce day-to-day safety and security within the school premises the following measures are taken:

  • A group of trained and experienced individuals have been engaged to ensure round the clock security in each campus.
  • Metal detectors are used for checking visitors and parents and bags at the entrance and exit points.
  • Use of ID cards is compulsory for all students.
  • Visitors/guests are confirmed through prior appointment/consent of management.
  • Only parents/guardian/authorized persons are allowed to pick up the students.
  • All school sections are secured & under observation with cc camera..
  • The school building and rooms are kept under lock and key after working hours.
  • All school buses/transport are checked and searched before the students board.
  • Each campus has a sick room and first aid facilities in a convenient location.
  • Adequate fire extinguishers are kept available for immediate use.
  • Security vetting is carried out on relevant employees.
  • Periodic inspections are conducted by the Security officers to ensure safety and security arrangements.

The followings are regular safety programs undertaken in the campuses

  • Teachers with first aid training or medical qualifications are available to provide medical assistance to students in case of emergencies and accidents. All faculties go through first aid refresher training on an annual basis.
  • Fire drills are conducted in all school campuses at regular intervals. Each campus has its own fire drill procedures to evacuate the buildings in case of emergencies.
  • All campuses are equipped with fire extinguishers. The administrative personnel are trained to use the emergency safety tools.