In notice



Due to our forthcoming general election, the EWISC authority has decided to re-schedule the Midterm Examination 2018 – 19 from 25 November 2018 (Sunday) to 06 December 2018 (Thursday) instead of from 09 December 2018 to 24 December 2018. The school authority has also decided to drop C.T – 2 to Midterm Examination for lessening the load on the students. However, C.T – 2 on English and Maths only may be conducted if the subject teachers desire. In this regard, class teachers and subject teachers will give necessary brief to the students well in time.

As per the academic calendar our study tour, annual sports and games competition 2018 – 19 which were supposed to be held on 16-11-2018 and from 25-11-2018 to 29-11-2018 respectively will be re-scheduled afterwards.

We regret this change of above mentioned schedules.

With many thanks.

M KHALILUR RAHMAN                                                         


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